Jonathan Chester & John Lindsay

Founders of Bitwage

Preferred Wallet Feature Officially Launches Today with Casa and Edge Members Public

On August 1st, news broke that we were collaborating with Casa and Edge as preferred wallet partners. Simply put, this means that users can now download and access Casa or Edge as wallet options via our platform. It may sound like a minor change, but the implications are massive for

Argentinian UFC Athlete Guido Cannetti Joins Bitwage as an Ambassador Members Public

Bitwage is thrilled to announce their partnership with Argentinian UFC fighter Guido Cannetti. Using Bitwage, Guido will be receiving 100% of his salary in USDC stablecoin via the Stellar Network on Vibrant, which is a wallet app developed by the Stellar team specifically designed for Argentines facing inflation. For Argentinians

Bitwage Users: Here's What to Know About the Ethereum Merge Tonight Members Public

In less than 24 hours, the current Ethereum Mainnet will merge with the Beacon Chain proof-of-stake system. This will mark the end of proof-of-work for Ethereum and the full transition to proof-of-stake. This will be the most significant upgrade in the history of Ethereum and it's important to

Bitwage Implements USD Coin (USDC) to Pay Remote Workers on the Stellar Blockchain Members Public

We are continuing our ongoing pace of payroll innovation by announcing that we are enabling USD Coin (USDC) via the Stellar blockchain on our platform. Companies across the world now have a fully compliant, easy-to-use, and frictionless solution when it comes to paying their employees and contractors globally. Hiring talent

UFC Fighter Luana Pinheiro is Getting Paid in Bitcoin with Bitwage Members Public

Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with UFC fighter Luana Pinheiro. We are working with her to ensure she gets paid in Bitcoin, and in a stunning display of bullishness, Luana has decided to go all-in: 100% of her wages will be converted into Bitcoin automatically. She is currently

Explaining Our Recent Server & UI Issues Members Public

Yesterday, our user and company portals went down due to an AWS issue. People were still getting their money, but as a result, our entire UI was inaccessible. Payrolls from companies that have already been created will be fulfilled. We have a backup URL for any companies that urgently need

A Message of Reassurance During the Chaos Members Public

On the morning of Monday June 13th, folks in the crypto community woke up to an onslaught of bad news: Binance freezing bitcoin withdrawals, a Celsius meltdown, and blood across the cryptocurrency charts. In times like this, we’d like to make two reminders to our user base. 1. Bitwage

Professional Football Player Alex Barrett Gets Paid in Bitcoin with Bitwage Members Public

The world’s largest Bitcoin and crypto payroll firm, Bitwage, has officially made its way into professional football. On May 16, 2022, Professional Defensive Lineman, Alex Barrett, used the Bitwage platform to receive 100% of his earnings in Bitcoin. “I stumbled across Bitwage in a Twitter Spaces room a few