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US Companies Can Now Fund W2 Payrolls & Payroll Taxes in Bitcoin and Ether. Members Public

Since Bitwage started in 2014, there have always been conversations regarding “Closing The Loop” in the Bitcoin financial cycle. The financial loop works as such: Individual obtains Bitcoin, Individual pays merchant in Bitcoin for goods and services. Merchant pays employees with Bitcoin. When Bitwage first launched, we wanted to close


Bitwage Launches ICO Advisory Firm, Inwage, With $50MM Fundraise and Ether Inputs Members Public

We at Bitwage are continually improving and innovating to keep up with the ever changing cryptocurrency market. In 2017, we recognized initial coin offerings (“ICOs”) as a growing and important phenomenon in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By the end of 2017, ICOs had raised over 5 billion USD for startups and

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18 New Source Currencies for Invoicing and Team Wages Members Public

Since July of 2014, Bitwage has been processing payrolls for the digital currency ecosystem. This means we have had over 3 years of reliable payroll delivery services. Our goal is to provide workers around the world with an easy to use direct deposit for any client that pays them. As

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Bitwage Launches United Kingdom Services Members Public

Since moving half of our team to France after receiving a grant from the French government as winners of the French Tech Ticket, we have been focused on improving our services and capabilities through the European region. Earlier this year, we announced the launch of the ability to offer unique

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Bitwage Releases Unique IBANs For EU Users Members Public

Our ability to allow users to receive any percentage of their wage in Bitcoin from any company has made us incredibly popular among users in the US and those receiving wages from US companies. Unlike the US, where workers typically have the ability to split their payroll into two accounts


Same Day Delivery And Other New Features For Bitwage Premium Members Public

We are happy to announce three new features to the Bitwage Premium package. Same Day Delivery In the past, we have always promised same to next day delivery of funds. However, we have been improving our systems and relationships with our banking partners to be able to offer a premium

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Bitwage Announces Bitwage Premium with Priority Support Members Public

In an effort to better serve our customers, we have been experimenting with new customer service options over the past month. Now, we are happy to announce our new Priority Support feature for Bitwage Premium users. Priority Support Includes: * Faster response rates * Ability to message Bitwage members directly on slack

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Bitwage and Cloudbleed Members Public

The CDN and DDoS Security service Cloudflare released a statement on February 23rd that approximately 150 of its customers during the period September 22, 2016 to February 18, 2017 were affected by a serious memory leak. See here: Original bug report by Tavis Ormandy: https:

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