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Unlocking the Power of Complete Payroll Solutions with Bitwage Members Public

Are you tired of juggling multiple platforms to manage your payroll? Are you looking for a complete solution that simplifies the entire process? Look no further than Bitwage – your one-stop destination for all your payroll needs. Why Bitwage is truly a complete payroll solution At Bitwage, we pride ourselves on

Bitcoin price right now Members Public

Exciting news in the world of Bitcoin these last few days/weeks or so! As we speak, Bitcoin's price is skyrocketing, nearing its all-time high. At the time of writing, the live price is hovering around $62,000 for 1 BTC. 🚀📈 You can see the latest price at

Top Bitcoin Payroll Service Members Public

In today's digital world, cryptocurrencies (crypto/Bitcoin) are transforming various aspects of business operations, with payroll emerging as a key area of innovation. As Bitcoin continues to pump in value (numbers go up), the need for top-notch crypto payroll services becomes paramount. Enter Bitwage, the undisputed leader in

Top Crypto Payroll Services Compared Members Public

Crypto payroll apps and services have become a creative way to pay employees in cryptocurrencies. Especially if your team is international. In this article, we'll explore what constitutes a great crypto payroll solution (and Bitcoin payroll solution) and good crypto service and how to select the best one

Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank Updates: Business as Usual for Bitwage Members Public

The past week has seen a lot of turbulence for both the cryptocurrency industry and the greater financial industry. Silicon Valley Bank, a leader in banking for the technology and fintech sector, and Silvergate Bank, a leader in banking for cryptocurrency companies, both shut their doors. In the aftermath of

Bitwage & Consultabit Launch Bitcoin Tax Calculator Members Public

In January of this year, we partnered with Consultabit to launch a dollar cost average calculator, The goal was to educate new and mainstream users on the benefits of dollar cost averaging and investing in Bitcoin. The calculator has seen a 700% increase in users from April

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Bitwage launches USDC stablecoin Members Public

The global recession surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people around the world to seek safe havens for their assets. While we have seen an increase of interest around Bitcoin, it is clear that the US dollar is still the safe haven king. Many currencies have weakened against the

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Bitwage Launches Bitcoin 401(k) Retirement Plans Members Public

As leaders in cryptocurrency payroll & invoicing services, we at Bitwage are always striving to innovate and push the industry forward. For our customers in the US, we have always likened the ability to get paid in Bitcoin similar to having a percentage of your wage be deferred into a

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