Preferred Wallet Feature Officially Launches Today with Casa and Edge

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On August 1st, news broke that we were collaborating with Casa and Edge as preferred wallet partners.

Simply put, this means that users can now download and access Casa or Edge as wallet options via our platform. It may sound like a minor change, but the implications are massive for new Bitwage users.

We're thrilled to announce that, today, this feature goes live.

Why are you enabling this feature?

First of all, this makes our sign-up process much more streamlined. For new users who are unfamiliar with crypto – and without a wallet – this small change puts the power in their hands. By giving our users two trusted options like Edge and Casa, we are asking them to take self-custody into their own hands, which is the most liberating part of being a crypto/Bitcoin holder.

Second, we view this move as a part of Bitwage's dedication to educating new and current users. Jonathan Chester, Bitwage CEO, echoed these sentiments: “Education is a very important part of the Bitwage experience, and part of this experience is helping our users understand wallets while teaching them how to be their own bank."

How does it work?

Previously, when using Bitwage, new users had to "come to the table" with a wallet address before using our service. Now that we offer Edge and Casa as preferred options, this is no longer the case.

The feature can be accessed by companies and individuals, and for both parties, the process is simple.

On the Bitwage platform, it is merely a matter of selecting your cryptocurrency of choice, and then choosing a wallet – Edge or Casa – where you’d like the crypto sent.

From there, users can easily download the wallet of their choice and connect it back to the Bitwage platform. And, just like that, you now have a wallet to receive your crypto allocations after each payroll!

Special Discount from Casa

Starting today through October 14, 2022, Bitwage customers are eligible for 10% off their first year of a Casa Gold, Platinum, or Diamond membership. Head on over to Casa and use discount code BW10 at checkout to redeem this limited-time deal.

Jonathan Chester & John Lindsay

Founders of Bitwage