Argentinian UFC Athlete Guido Cannetti Joins Bitwage as an Ambassador

Matthew Gundrum

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Bitwage is thrilled to announce their partnership with Argentinian UFC fighter Guido Cannetti. Using Bitwage, Guido will be receiving 100% of his salary in USDC stablecoin via the Stellar Network on Vibrant, which is a wallet app developed by the Stellar team specifically designed for Argentines facing inflation.

For Argentinians in the modern era, inflation is a brutal reality that destroys the purchasing power of their local currency. Many are left in situations where they are desperately seeking a solution to preserve the value of their work.

This is where stablecoins come in. USDC is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged 1:1 for U.S. dollars. It has been trusted for years as low-risk, which is why it has attracted the attention of Argentinians looking to escape inflation. By using USDC on the Stellar Network – a reliable, resilient blockchain – Argentines are able to access USDC with low-cost transactions and near-instant payments.

“I am getting paid in USDC because it is safer for my future,” said Cannetti, “and Bitwage is the best option to do this. Their customer service, their product, and everything about them works great for beginners like me.”

Guido Cannetti is another athlete in a long line of ambassadors supporting Bitwage.

UFC fighters Luana Pinheiro and Matheus Nicolau, U.S. soccer players Achara Infunanyachi and Alex Crognale, and American football player Alex Barrett all use Bitwage for their crypto payroll services.

“We love partnering with athletes and influencers on deals like this because it pushes the needle forward on crypto adoption,” said Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage, “whether it’s bitcoin or a stablecoin like USDC, it’s our goal to create good financial products in the crypto ecosystem while also making them ubiquitous in the everyday lives of workers around the world. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to earn their wages quickly and securely in order to preserve the value of their work.”