SPOILER ALERT: Bitwage is the Best Bitcoin Payroll Service in the world. For the last 10 years, we have been concentrating only on the payroll. The result is that Bitwage is the best and true Top Bitcoin Payroll Service Provider as well as the best and No1 Top Crypto Payroll service.

Top Crypto Payroll Services Compared

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Crypto payroll apps and services have become a creative way to pay employees in cryptocurrencies. Especially if your team is international.
In this article, we'll explore what constitutes a great crypto payroll solution (and Bitcoin payroll solution) and good crypto service and how to select the best one for your team and your company.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum in the business sphere.
As we write this Bitcoin is 50 965$ USD. The future of money is here. It never left. But let's get back to the topic.
Payroll is one of the prominent areas where Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are making their mark. There is no Crypto without Bitcoin. Goes without saying.

Bitcoin and Crypto payroll apps and services offer not just a secure and efficient means of paying employees but also additional features like expense management.

In this blog article, we'll dive into:

  • What defines an excellent crypto payroll solution and do they have to support bitcoin payroll!?
  • How to pick the most suitable one for your team - get the most for every dollar (International Bitcoin payroll to the rescue).
  • A comparison of top crypto payroll services / top bitcoin payroll services.

What Makes a Great Crypto Payroll Solution
Some key features of a great Bitcoin and Crypto payroll solution include:

  • Support for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies like digital dollars (stablecoins). Support for Bitcoin is a must.
  • Supported Wallets: The service has to be able to send to any wallet and to be compatible with different types of wallets, including hot and cold wallets, and multi-signature wallets! That is crucial to ensure the safety of employees' funds. Non-custodial is truly a requirement here.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface accessible to all team members of the organization and clients using the service is paramount. A clear dashboard simplifies payroll management for employers and enables employees to access their payment history effortlessly. No one wants to waste time with opening tickets to support. It has to be easy and seamless.
  • Tax Calculation: Automatic tax calculation and deduction based on applicable regulations and jurisdictions is a desirable feature, akin to traditional payroll solutions. Options to export all of your data is a hard requirement.
  • Integration with existing payroll systems: Seamless integration with existing payroll systems streamlines the transition to a crypto payroll solution, ensuring continuity of operations. Having a top Bitcoin payroll service like Bitwage, already integrated with your existing payroll provider is a dream come true, for everyone.
  • Customer Support: Prompt and dedicated customer support is indispensable for addressing any queries or issues concerning payroll promptly. Nowadays, people expect Bugatti type of customer service. True concierge type of support and service, and companies that can provide the same will win.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Payroll Solution for Your Team

Companies that have their team distributed across various locations and teams that are comprised of members from diverse countries face the challenge of complex payroll processes. Send payment via banking rails, your team member gets as 1/2 as if you sent him a Bitcoin payment. In this scenario, Bitcoin is the logical and superior solution. Hands down. So of course, using Bitcoin payroll is not just logical but a pure necessity for situations similar to this one.

When evaluating different crypto payroll solutions, companies, and their teams should consider several factors, including:

  • Security: Robust security measures are imperative to safeguard against cyber threats like hacks and fraud. Was the company ever hacked?! Did they lose some of their data!? And so on...! Bitwage vs. Payoneer is here.
  • Ease of use: The payroll solution should be user-friendly, requiring minimal technical expertise for seamless navigation. Check on Trustpilot and see what their reviews say about them. Top-notch Bitcoin payroll service has top-notch reviews.
  • Cost: Transparent pricing devoid of hidden charges is essential for accurate cost assessment. 1% should be 1% for example, without hidden small prints or small costs.
  • Currency & Bitcoin support: Support for multiple cryptocurrencies empowers team members to choose their preferred digital currency. Maybe they want part of their salary in Bitcoin and, the rest in digital dollars. It is up to them to choose, how they find it fit to get most of their money.
  • Compliance: Adherence to relevant regulations and laws ensures legal compliance across jurisdictions. The company has to be legit and it has to be in business for at least 7-10 years to be considered trustworthy.
  • Customer support: Reliable and responsive customer support is crucial for addressing queries and concerns promptly. Test their support before committing. Send them a bunch of questions, different emails, different flows, different scenarios, different problems. See how long it takes for them to answer. Schedule a call and a demo call. See if you can reach them on WhatsApp. If they do not treat you right when you are not a client, then you might want to think twice before using them. Bitwage - WhatsApp - Come and say Hi!
  • Reputation: A reputable payroll solution with a track record of reliability and customer satisfaction inspires confidence. As previously said, at least 7-10 years of solid reputation is needed.

Selecting the right crypto payroll solution is vital for any company and especially for distributed teams, to ensure efficient and secure payment in digital currencies. By considering the aforementioned factors, teams can identify a solution that meets their requirements and fosters business growth.

Deel vs Bitwage - In-Depth Comparison Table

Deel vs Bitwage
Top Crypto Payroll Service: Bitwage vs. Deel
Continue reading to understand why Bitwage is the Top Bitcoin Payroll Service

This table lists the features provided by Bitwage and Deel, with corresponding indicators for each feature.
So what is this Deel company? Deel is a versatile platform enabling the onboarding and payment of employees and contractors from over 150 countries in various currencies, including cryptocurrencies. They are and offer EOR services.
Deel offers features like contract management, compliance, and real-time payments, but they do not support direct payouts of salaries in Bitcoin or stablecoins.
So with that, we cannot consider them proper crypto payroll service at all.
Onto the next top crypto payroll service provider or not!?

Papaya Global‍

Papaya Global provides HR services supporting payroll payments. They are classic payroll services.
Although Papaya Global offers extensive global coverage, why would freelancers use Papaya? Only if their employer is using them. And by classic, we meant: that Papaya does not support direct Bitcoin or crypto payouts. So that rules them out immediately as they cannot be the top crypto payroll service if they do not do crypto in the first place.

Request Finance‍

Request is a simple QR code link generator for any random token you can imagine, with a link expiring some time after you click on it. That's it basically it.
Request Finance is advertising itself as a crypto payroll platform, facilitating payments for teams and companies.
If one is expecting payment from Airbnb as a host, you cannot be paid by creating a QR code that expires and sending it to Airbnb for them to pay you in a token of your choice, before the link expires. Payroll does not work like that. So this does not work for any normal company that is paying you to your bank account.
You cannot send your employer some random link, that has a QR code for some random token and expect that they will also have that token and they will pay you in it. Payroll does not work like that.
So to conclude, all that Request does is allow you to choose a random token, and they calculate the price based on the time you generate the QR code, and make the link expire. We might be direct, but that is not payroll. That's price/QR code generation for random yo-yo tokens, with expiration added on top. That's.
If you want payroll and to get paid from any job in Bitcoin? Then continue reading as we are yet to come to a service that does all of that and more.


This is a similar copy of a service to a previously mentioned Request. Only generating invoices and that's it.
How can one get paid from their 9-5 job at IBM by using their service? You cannot.
Or from Airbnb YouTube ad revenue? It does not work.
So that's why these services are not what they want you to believe to be they are true payroll providers.


Payoneer presents itself as an alternative to Bitwage, but it falls short in several key areas. Firstly, Payoneer's security is questionable due to recent security breaches that users brought up, leaving users vulnerable to financial losses. Additionally, Payoneer has a troubling trend of blocking accounts without notice, causing distress among users. Furthermore, Payoneer does not support Bitcoin or any crypto payouts. So that rules them out easily when comparing top crypto payroll services and those that you might want to be using. Lastly, Payoneer's customer support is lacking, with users often experiencing delays and frustrations when seeking assistance.

Bitwage vs. Payoneer

How does Bitwage compare to Payoneer, for instance? At Bitwage we are proud of our top-notch security, utilizing a non-custodial approach to keep users' funds safe and untouched. Unlike Payoneer, Bitwage doesn't retain users' funds, granting complete control over their finances. Additionally, Bitwage enables users to receive payments in Bitcoin or digital dollars, enhancing their potential earnings. Furthermore, Bitwage delivers personalized assistance through concierge-level support, providing direct access to the CEO and dedicated account managers. In summary, Bitwage stands out as the preferred option for seamless international payroll and remittance, boasting transparency, security, and robust user support worldwide. For in-depth of Bitwage vs. Payoneer click here.


  1. Delayed Transfers and Unpredictable Timelines:
    Bitwage ensures unreal same-day settlements globally*. Unlike Wise, which might not always meet expected timelines, Bitwage has efficient transaction timing.
    *in the ideal scenario; a case study was given as an example: BtcPayServer case study.
  2. Account Blockades and Resolution Challenges:
    Bitwage's non-custodial model eliminates the risk of account closures and frozen assets, offering uninterrupted service. In contrast, Wise users often face abrupt closures and lengthy resolution processes.
  3. Refund Delays and Communication Gaps:
    Mistakes happen, but Bitwage promptly rectifies them, prioritizing user satisfaction. In contrast, Wise's refund process can be cumbersome and plagued by communication gaps.
  4. Customer Service Woes and Limited Support Channels:
    Bitwage prides itself on top-notch customer support, ensuring personalized assistance for every user. Wise, on the other hand, struggles with unresponsiveness and lack of immediate support channels.
  5. Challenges in Business Account Onboarding:
    Onboarding with Bitwage is seamless and instant, ensuring a hassle-free business experience. Wise often leaves users on waiting lists, delaying the onboarding process.
  6. Identity Verification Struggles:
    Bitwage prioritizes a smooth onboarding experience, minimizing verification hurdles. Wise users, however, may encounter difficulties, especially with unusual ID cards.
  7. Data Privacy and Security Concerns:
    Bitwage upholds stringent privacy and security standards, safeguarding user data since 2014. In contrast, Wise has faced criticism for its handling of user data and privacy concerns.
  8. Suspension of Trading Accounts:
    Bitwage ensures continuous support, avoiding disruptions to business operations. Wise users, unfortunately, may experience sudden account suspensions and prolonged review processes.
  9. Inadequate Support for Currency Transfers:
    Bitwage offers versatile output options, facilitating Bitcoin, crypto, and fiat transfers (outputs). Wise users may find currency transfers complicated and lacking sufficient explanations.
  10. Lack of Transparency in Fee Structures:
    Bitwage operates with complete transparency, ensuring users understand fee structures upfront. In contrast, Wise's fee structures may be perceived as opaque and misleading.

Bitwage vs Wise is where Bitwage stands as a superior choice for seamless International Payroll and remittance, prioritizing user satisfaction and reliability.

Bitwage‍ - Top Bitcoin Payroll Service

So we told you about alternatives and the rest, so now it's time for the best.
Best crypto payroll service AKA the very best Bitcoin payroll service in the world.
Here is why we are so confident, after doing this for the full 10 years (2014-2024).

In today's dynamic landscape of global finance and employment, Bitwage emerges as a genuine game-changer, delivering tailor-made solutions for both individuals and businesses. Whether you're an individual looking to delve deep into the Bitwage experience with an in-depth review or a company aiming to streamline your payroll operations, our platform is your ultimate destination. Individuals? Use our services as well! Please continue reading.

What is Bitwage? Bitwage is an international Crypto Payroll & Invoicing Platform that delivers wages faster, cheaper & easier across borders, for both companies and individuals. Founded in 2014. Bitwage stood the test of time and proved itself as the top service when it comes to International payroll and payroll in general.

Global Reach Beyond Boundaries

Bitwage's exceptional global reach sets us apart from conventional payroll services. Also, conventional payroll services do not allow you it get part of your salary in Bitcoin, stablecoin, or some other crypto. When it comes to us, here at Bitwage it doesn't matter where you are in the world; Bitwage is ready to serve you.
Our unwavering commitment to international and domestic payroll solutions knows no bounds. What truly sets Bitwage apart is the autonomy it offers individuals; no need for employer approval. This unique flexibility makes Bitwage an ideal subject for our in-depth review.
We want to demonstrate to individuals everywhere that you can harness the power of our pioneering service to get paid.

Using our service, you could be receiving Bitcoin payments from Airbnb, without waiting on Airbnb to implement Bitcoin. The same goes for Booking, Vrbo, Fiverr, YouTube ads, and so on. Part in BTC, rest to your bank account. 

So how does it all work?

  1. Sign Up: Start by signing up on our homepage as an individual. It's a straightforward process that doesn't require approval from your employer. As easy as opening a new email account, if not easier.
  2. Choose Your Distribution: Select your preferred currency for receiving payments. Bitwage supports various global currencies. From Bitcoin and stablecoins to local currency outputs. You mix and match based on your preference.
  3. Get Your Banking Details: You'll receive a banking account number and routing details from us. Share these details with your employer or platform for payments. You can use us to get paid from Airbnb for example. It does not matter who is paying you. And the name of the company that is paying you. You just have them send the payments to the banking account details that you will provide to them. That's it.
  4. We Receive Payments: Your employer sends your salary or payments to the banking account he was given by you, the same way he was doing it before, but just to a different account. Zero overhead on their part. They do not even know.
  5. You Get Paid: Bitwage receives the funds and converts them into your chosen currency based on your allocation, and we send it your way. We do not keep your money. That goes for both crypto and fiat. We send it to you straight away. Fully non-custodial.

Privacy and Control: Importantly, you have full control over your funds, and your employer doesn't need to be involved in this process.
Protecting your privacy is non-negotiable for us. By using Bitwage, you can be sure that your financial information stays private.
Bitwage provides a privacy-focused and efficient method for receiving payments, whether locally or internationally.

Customer Satisfaction: The Bitwage Advantage

At Bitwage, customer satisfaction reigns supreme, as echoed in countless glowing Bitwage reviews from our users. Don't just take our word for it; let our users do the talking:
"Exceptional customer service experience, unparalleled in my life."
"The experience was superb, marked by outstanding and immediate responses."
"Effortless, efficient, and precise."

Testimonials prove that Bitwage is indeed the Top Bitcoin Payroll Service in the world.

Direct and Personalized Communication

Experience Bitwage firsthand by reaching out to us directly through various communication channels. Whether you prefer phone calls, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Slack, or email, we're here to accommodate your needs during your testing of our service. And yes, we hope you will write your own Bitwage review on the experience using our service and compare us to any other alternative service that you might have been using previously.

Trustpilot review from one of our customers: https://trstp.lt/575jqeFcW Testimonials prove that Bitwage is indeed the Top Crypto Payroll Service.

No generic, outsourced representatives here – you'll connect directly with your dedicated account manager who will provide a true and proper concierge service. Expect us to go above and beyond in addressing any queries or concerns you may have, a feature consistently praised in countless Trustpilot Bitwage reviews.
We leave no stone unturned. Want to message us directly on WhatsApp? No problem.

Multi-Currency Flexibility

What truly sets Bitwage apart is our adaptability to diverse currencies. While we seamlessly handle USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and BRL as inputs, it's the array of local currency outputs that distinguishes us.
We currently support the following local outputs. We are constantly adding more.

  • 🇺🇸 U.S. Dollars
  • 🇪🇺 Euros to SEPA Zone countries
  • 🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars
  • 🇧🇷 Brazilian Real
  • 🇬🇧 U.K. Great British Pound
  • 🇦🇷 Argentinian Peso
  • 🇦🇺 Australian dollar
  • 🇨🇴 Colombian pesos
  • 🇲🇽 Mexican Pesos
  • 🇵🇭 Philippines Pesos
  • 🇮🇳 Indian Rupee

Unleash Transaction Freedom

Bitwage champions freedom and flexibility with limitless transaction capabilities, a focal point of any Bitwage review. Our non-custodial approach puts you in full control of your funds. Rest assured, your financial information remains private when you choose Bitwage, an indispensable aspect deserving of mention in our in-depth review. And if you asked yourself what does non-custodial mean? It means that we are not in possession or in the business of holding your money or your crypto. We receive and send based on your set distribution. There is no wallet of ours or balance on our end, that is yours. What is yours is yours.

User-Friendly Autonomy

Many clients of ours when they give feedback in a survey or just write their own Bitwage review, they often rave about how Bitwage gives them not only freedom but value in general. Because choosing how you get paid to get more for your money, is extremely powerful. Designed with individuals worldwide in mind, Bitwage's user-friendly platform empowers you without any need for employer involvement. Your use of Bitwage as an individual can fly under your employer's radar if you wish. Streamlined and hassle-free, it's an invaluable resource for freelancers, remote workers, or anyone seeking efficient payment solutions.

Effortless Fund Transfer

Bitwage revolutionizes the transfer of funds, allowing you to send money to any wallet without incurring miner fees or unnecessary deductions. Since 2014, our exclusive focus on payroll services has made us the go-to choice for both individuals and companies seeking efficient payroll solutions, a credential that distinguishes us and one you might have read in some other Bitwage review, like the one below.

How to get paid in Bitcoin from your existing job? That's where Bitwage comes in! No permissions are needed from your employer and the rest of the funds can go to your normal bank account.

Privacy and Efficiency for Companies

Many sites and social network forums, compare us to traditional systems and alternatives. While we are faster, more efficient, and care very much about your privacy, we do not think a comparison should be made in the first place.
You get paid using our service without requiring your employer to be involved. For companies in pursuit of efficient payroll solutions, please reach out to us.
Let us add value by helping you run payroll with us. You get both privacy and efficiency by using our service and that is something that alternative services just cannot provide. Did we forget to say, you get the expertise us doing this since 2014. as well?! That as well. 😎

Swift Access to Earnings

For anyone exploring countless Bitwage reviews online, you are aware by now that the speed of access to earnings is a paramount concern when you are getting paid. Bitwage takes pride in its ability to expedite payments, ensuring you receive your hard-earned money swiftly and faster than any other method of payment. Having access to your money ASAP is and always will be our primary concern, one that we have perfected ever since 2014.

Bitwage is a Top Bitcoin Payroll solution. There is no second best!

A Prime Example: BtcPayServer

A prime example is the BtcPayServer case study. With Bitwage, this global team (BtcPayServer), dispersed across the world, attains unprecedented payment efficiency, as our Bitwage review should highlight. Read all about how we allowed them to pay their whole team internationally all within a single day: BtcPayServer case-study. And when you read that they are funding the payroll from Japan, and their whole team is global, then it all makes sense Why companies use us to add value to their flow.

It's Free to Get Started

And here's the clincher – it's free to sign up for our service, whether you're an individual or a company. No charges if you decide not to use our service after signing up. How do we make our money then? We operate on a small percentage in the form of a spread, applied only when you use our service to get paid. This sustainable approach ensures our growth, exceptional customer service, and the maintenance of a pioneering platform so doing a longer form Bitwage review and not mentioning the fact that our company has a sustainable approach with long-time preference, just would not feel right.

Beyond Cryptocurrency: A Holistic Approach

Across the Internet, and not just in some random Bitwage reviews, we are recognized as a crypto-focused international payments company – an accurate portrayal. We pioneered the global acceptance of Bitcoin payments, yet our scope extends beyond crypto. We simplify international payments, making us an all-encompassing choice for individuals and companies alike.

The Bitwage Legacy

Bitwage stands tall as the largest global payroll and freelancer management platform, offering seamless Bitcoin and crypto payroll integration. Our services empower businesses and employees to send, receive, and manage salaries in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since our inception in 2014, Bitwage has processed over $250 million in Bitcoin payroll transactions, serving more than 60,000 registered users and 3,000 companies across 100+ countries.
Our dual focus on payroll for companies and individuals offers flexible solutions to accommodate a variety of payment needs.

Listen to our CEO explaining why Bitwage Makes a Difference when it comes to choosing Bitwage as Top Crypto Payroll solution

Experience Bitwage Today

If you've arrived here in search of a reliable review to find out what is the Top Bitcoin Payroll Service we hope you've found exactly what you were looking for. Weather you are looking for a Bitcoin payroll service or a crypto payroll service, it does not matter. Bitwage has you covered.
At Bitwage, we offer innovative solutions, global reach, unparalleled customer support, diverse input and output options, non-custodial security, and an unwavering commitment to privacy. Whether you're an individual or a company, Bitwage empowers you with the tools for efficient, hassle-free payments.
It's time to experience Bitwage for yourself – visit our homepage, sign up for our service, and put it to the test with your very next payroll.
Embrace the future of payments with Bitwage.

Get Paid By Using Bitwage Today: Sign for free right now!


Saifedean Ammous says it all.

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Remember, in the same way there is no second best when it comes to Bitcoin, the same principle applies to Bitwage when it comes to finding what Top Bitcoin Payroll Service is.

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