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How to Get Paid in Bitcoin: A Step-by-Step Guide

Team Bitwage
Team Bitwage

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It is always the question that one puts into Google, especially if you're from countries where money is devalued and you're looking for a way to fight off inflation.
So, let's first go back to the start. Bitwage was founded in 2014. This is ages in Bitcoin years. Our co-founders, the current CTO and current CEO, started a one-of-a-kind company named Bitwage. The goal was simple: allow people to get paid in Bitcoin without asking for permission from anyone. This includes employers, whoever they may be and wherever they are located.

So here's the first hurdle. People usually think that you can't get paid in Bitcoin without having some kind of approval from your employer. This is not true. You can. You do not even have to have a bank account at all.

HOW TO GET PAID IN BITCOIN SALARY - without your employer even knowing about it
Why should you need to ask for permission from your employer in the first place? But how else do you start Getting paid in BTC then? One step at a time, we'll explain.

The whole thing is so simple, it's actually mind-boggling when you hear it. It gives you that "Eureka!" moment.

  1. First, you sign up with our service on, it's free to open an account.
  2. Set your allocation (spread between Bitcoin and maybe a percentage to your bank account)
  3. Get access to new bank account details that we provide to you. Give the new details to your employer.

These are the mechanics on how our service works for people that are hosting on Airbnb, renting on Booking, receiving payments from Upwork, driving for Uber, remotely working for a company abroad, or working for a government company. It makes no difference who you work for. Main thing is that there is no need to ask for permission, and you can spread your payments between local currency and Bitcoin, based on your preference.
Using our service, you get more for your money.

You receive your payments faster and in a more secure way. Getting paid in Bitcoin can easily become a reality for workers from the US, Nigeria, Argentina, and across the globe, as we provide our service worldwide.
How awesome is that!?

Nigeria & Argentina - say hello to Bitcoin payments
People in Nigeria and Argentina love us. This is not an overstatement. In Nigeria, Bitcoin is selling at a premium (+60-70%), and in Argentina, where inflation is skyrocketing, our services helps our users extract significantly more value from their work. What is there not to love?!

It is valuable for someone in Argentina or Nigeria to be able to have an EU or USA bank account where they can choose how they want to receive payments and in what percentage. They get it faster and again, they extract more value out of their time and work.

Core values: Client comes first
Core values that we carry from day one are that our clients come first. Before anything else. This means we are available for them around the clock and on all platforms, from Slack, email, Whatsapp, Signal, Helpdesk, and social networks - it really does not matter how you reach out to us.

If you want to learn and absorb knowledge, we are ready to schedule a call and share what we know with you. This has become one of the main pillars in our concierge service program where we go above and beyond and we might even hop on a flight to come and see that special client and onboard them in person.
We go above and beyond so let us prove it to you.

We provide our service globally, so sign up today on and test our service with your next paycheck/salary/payment.

Have more questions? Schedule a 15min call with our vice president of International business - Fabiano Dias - schedule call here

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