Bitwage Launches New Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payroll Platform for All Users

Bitwage Launches New Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payroll Platform for All Users

Bitwage has been proud to be the world's foremost provider of bitcoin payroll, invoicing, and benefits services since 2014.

Today, we took a step in making our product better for everyone.


Our team of engineers have worked for over a year to launch an entirely new platform for all users with a host of new features. We expect that these features will make the Bitwage experience more convenient for those who believe in leveraging their salaries into bitcoin & cryptocurrencies.

Our bread-and-butter service, bitcoin & cryptocurrency payroll, will look and feel different for both companies and individuals. Let's explore what those changes are.


For individuals

  • Setting crypto payroll distributions is now much easier
  • Legal invoices can now be generated & emailed to clients
  • Redesigned dashboard within simplicity & ease of use in mind
  • Better, more transparent receipt details


For companies

  • Company accounts will be able to use invoicing features
  • Employers will now be able to easily invite their employees
  • Employee onboarding status can be checked
  • The ability to send out reminders to employees and contractors to complete setup
  • Beautifully-designed reports & analytics
  • The ability to combine multiple invoices from contractors into a single transaction



These changes mark the beginning of a new era for Bitwage and we're so excited to continually serve our customers with the best bitcoin & cryptocurrency payroll product on the market.

Stay tuned for a wild 2022 – this is only the beginning!