Bitwage alternative: is there a service that will serve you better? And one that will get you more $?!

Bitwage Alternative - A Comprehensive Guide

Team Bitwage
Team Bitwage

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect Bitwage alternative to streamline your international payroll and remittance needs? Look no further – we researched for you, and the answer might not surprise you. There is no second best.

Comparing Options:

Payoneer – A Cautionary Tale:

Considered by many, Payoneer seems like a viable alternative at first glance. However, recent security breaches have left users in Argentina devastated, with significant financial losses. Trust and security should be paramount in your decision-making process. And not only that, by using Payoneer, you are leaving money on the table, and not getting the most for every dollar that you earn.
With funds being drained out of users' accounts, we do not seem even worth it to go in-depth here but just consider Bitwage to be a Payoneer alternative. A superior alternative. One that has been doing payroll since 2014. with a flawless record.

Bitwage = Wise alternative or 100% Superior solution?

Deel – A Costly Affair:

Deel may catch your eye, but the hefty price tag of $599 per month per user or $49 per month per contractor might give you pause. Add to that their affiliation with "Prop Trading Firms," a history of alleged misplaced transfers, canned responses, and difficulty in leaving the platform, and the allure diminishes.
And yes, we all know you need the best customer service when it comes to your money. So no, there is no second best. Bitwage wins over Deel. How? Read here.

For more in-depth Bitwage vs. Deel, click here: Deel's alternative is Bitwage.
As there is no second best. Bitwage, est. 2014.

Banking Rails – A Slow and Costly Route:

Using traditional banking rails may seem like a straightforward option, but the reality is far from ideal. The process is slow, and you end up losing a substantial amount, especially in regions like Latin America. Read this BtcPayServer case study if you still think that banking rails are a good option to run payroll. It will change your mind quickly, only to realize that Bitwage's alternative is NOT banking rails.

PayPal – Expensive and Limited:

While PayPal is a well-known name, it comes with its own set of challenges. The fees can be exorbitant, resulting in significant financial losses. Moreover, in countries like Nigeria, PayPal may not be the most effective solution.
Read more about Nigeria and the problems that people are experiencing when it comes to money and getting paid from abroad:

Bitwage – A Pioneering Solution:

International Payroll Pioneers:

Bitwage stands out as a pioneer in the realm of international payroll and remittance. Since 2014, we have been at the forefront, providing faster, more accessible, and cost-effective solutions to users across the globe.

Unparalleled Security:

Rest easy with Bitwage – we take your security seriously. Unlike some alternatives, we've never experienced a security breach, ensuring your funds are safe and sound.

Concierge Service:

At Bitwage, we believe in treating every user like royalty. Our concierge service ensures you have a dedicated account manager available on WhatsApp for instant assistance. Yes, you can even reach out directly to our CEO!

The True Alternative – Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Transactions:

While exploring Bitwage alternatives, consider a truly decentralized approach. Peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions offer a different paradigm, eliminating middlemen. However, it's crucial to note that this is a distinct scenario from receiving payments from your overseas employer.


In your quest for the ultimate Bitwage alternative, consider the overall value, security, and user-centric features. Bitwage emerges not just as an alternative but as the optimal choice for seamless international payroll and remittance. Explore the Bitwage advantage and experience a level of service unmatched in the industry. Your financial journey deserves nothing less.

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