How does Payoneer stands when compared against Bitwage as Bitwage alternative? Support quality? Bitcoin and crypto available? Getting more for your money? Bitwage vs. Payoneer

Payoneer vs. Bitwage: Exploring the Best Bitwage Alternative for International Payroll Solutions

Team Bitwage
Team Bitwage

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Are you searching for the ideal Bitwage alternative to optimize your global payroll and remittance processes? Freelancers? Or a company owner looking for a way to pay the whole international team at once?!
Your quest for the best ends here.
In the world of international finance, there's no second best. And when it comes to crypto, there is also no second best. But one thing at a time.
Let's see a Bitwage alternative in the form of Payoneer.
Bitwage vs. Payoneer starts now.
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1) Security When It Comes to Money:

Payoneer - A Risky Proposition:

Security is paramount when dealing with your hard-earned money. Payoneer, with recent reports of security breaches, leaves users vulnerable to substantial financial losses. How can one consider Payoneer when the safety of their funds is compromised?

Bitwage - Unparalleled Security - Fully NON-CUSTODIAL

Bitwage, a pioneer in International Payroll since 2014, boasts an impeccable security record. Our non-custodial approach ensures your funds are secure and untouchable, eliminating the risk associated with traditional platforms. Non-custodial means we do not hold your funds That's it.
There is nothing to be hacked on our end as we do not hold your fiat money nor do we hold your crypto. We just receive it on your behalf and process it. That's it.

2) Accounts Getting Blocked:

Payoneer - A Troubling Trend:

Payoneer has a history of abruptly blocking accounts without notice, leaving users in distress. Reviews on Trustpilot include statements like, "After 6+ years of using, they closed the account without any prior notice, with all my balance and cards."
Such incidents undermine trust in the platform. Alternative to Bitwage in the form of Payoneer - read the Trustpilot review above

Bitwage - Non-Custodial Assurance - And No Unexpected Surprises:

With Bitwage, your funds are never held by us. Our non-custodial model prevents any account freezes holding funds. As we do not hold anything for you. Unlike Payoneer, we empower users by providing full control over their funds.
Your money. You should control it, not us.

3) Getting More for Your Money:

Payoneer - Limited Value:

To get the most value for each dollar, Payoneer falls short. Users report dissatisfaction, highlighting the need for a platform that offers superior value.
Payoneer is not supporting Bitcoin or any crypto for that matter either. We all know that people want to be paid in crypto because that is the faster and better way for one to get more for their money.

Bitwage - Maximize Your Earnings:

Bitwage allows you to receive payments in Bitcoin or digital dollars, unlocking the potential to maximize your earnings. This unique feature sets us apart, ensuring you get more for each transaction. You choose how you want to get paid and in what percentage. It is fully up to you. Send part to your bank account, and the rest to your wallet, which you control. Your money - your control - we hold nothing on your behalf.

4) Real Support vs. Limited Assistance:

Payoneer - A Support Dilemma:

Even with over 1,800 employees, Payoneer struggles to provide personalized support. Users often find themselves lost in the system, experiencing delays and frustrations. Terrible customer service reviews reveal the challenges users face when seeking assistance. The more the company grows, the less emphasis it puts on The Customer.

Bitwage - Concierge-Level Support:

At Bitwage, we believe every client is a king. Our support is unparalleled, with direct access to our CEO and dedicated account managers reachable even via WhatsApp. We know our clients by name, not as mere numbers.

5) Holding Your Money vs. Non-Custodial Freedom:

Payoneer - Playing Games with Your Money:

Payoneer's ability to hold funds and place them "under review" raises concerns. Users report delays and lack of transparency, questioning the platform's integrity.

What is a true alternative to Bitwage then? Read the original above review on Trustpilot:

Bitwage - Transparent and Non-Custodial:

Bitwage's non-custodial approach ensures transparency and eliminates the risk of holding your money. We operate with the highest standards of accountability, providing you with a seamless and secure experience. And remember, nor do we hold your fiat money nor do we hold and keep your crypto.
We receive it and process it, that's it.
And what happens on our platform, stays on our platform. You can be sure that your data and your transactions are truly that, yours.
At Bitwage, we have your back.

If you want your data and your transactions to be private, with a company that has your back, then there is no second best. There is no alternative to Bitwage.


In your pursuit of the ultimate Bitwage alternative, consider the critical factors: security, account stability, value for your money, robust support, and transparent practices. Bitwage emerges not just as an alternative but as the superior choice for seamless international payroll and remittance. Getting paid from abroad as a freelancer or maybe just running payroll as a company and paying your team internationally. In both B2B and B2C scenarios, take advantage of our service in order to save time and get more for your money for both your company and your team as well.
Explore the Bitwage advantage and elevate your financial experience. Your journey to financial empowerment starts with Bitwage.
Choose excellence today!

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