How Bitcoin Helps To Empower Entrepreneurship for Afghani Women

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If you have read any of my prior articles you know that the blockchain enables my company, Bitwage, to process international payroll in minutes instead of the days required by the current banking system. The blockchain technology that provides the foundation of Bitcoin, is much more than just a form of digital money. The disruption blockchains bring to the information technology field are as momentous as the effect that PC networks and relational databases had on the mainframe market a generation ago.

But that isn’t the only thing that is being disrupted. Last week I came across an education nonprofit, Code To Inspire, and they have a compelling use case of their own which is going to empower women in Afghanistan.

The country is roughly the same size and population as Texas, but the average altitude of the non-desert regions is about 6,000′, which is similar to Colorado. The largest mountain, Noshaq, is nearly two miles taller than Colorado’s Mount Elbert. This high, arid, permanent frontier has islands of human occupation separated by forbidding terrain. Wired internet isn’t common but GSM phone coverage reaches 89% of the population.

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Photo via Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion

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