Bitwage or Deel. Which one is the right service for you. We run it down.

Bitwage vs. Deel

Team Bitwage
Team Bitwage

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Discover the power of Bitwage, where our premium payroll service revolutionizes the way individuals and companies engage with global payments.
Since 2014, Bitwage has been at the forefront, enabling individuals worldwide to receive their salaries in Bitcoin seamlessly and without the need for their employers to go through a complex onboarding process. Our service is not only faster and cheaper but is also accessible to anyone globally.

Here's how it works: Upon registering with Bitwage, you'll be assigned a new banking account number. You also have the flexibility to choose the percentage of your salary you want to receive in Bitcoin. Share your new bank account details with your employer, and once they initiate the payment, we will process your payment based on your configuration in your account. You can get paid part in Bitcoin, and rest to your bank account, for example.

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But that's not all – Bitwage also caters to companies, streamlining their payroll processes for teams both locally and internationally. For those exploring alternatives, many turn to Google, searching for "Bitwage alternative" or "Bitwage vs. Deel." This comparison will allow you to evaluate both services based on crucial factors like support, added value, and reputation.

Curious to learn more? Delve into our in-depth comparison of Bitwage vs. Deel by following the link below.

Click for an in-depth comparison of the two services. Bitwage vs. Deel >> where you will find out which is right for you.

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Get paid in #Bitcoin and #stablecoins, regardless of your employer. No permissions needed. Our payroll, invoicing, and benefits solutions are tailored for the decentralized age, making payroll simple.