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Damian Tornatore
Damian Tornatore

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Philippines financial regulators announced that they will block the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance in the Philippines for providing investment products (leveraged trading, crypto savings, etc) without the proper licenses required to operate within the Philippines. This hinders crypto adaptation for Filipinos looking to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies and could impact the local and global markets.

📌Binance’s Licensing Challenge

The Philippines financial group indicated that Binance was offering services without required licenses, which violates the Securities Regulation Code of the Philippines. The ban will take effect by June of this year (2024) which will give Filipinos the chance to move their funds off the crypto exchange.

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📌Impact on the Crypto Landscape

Such regulatory actions help shape the crypto landscape and ensure that investors have their capital protected. The issue here arose according to the Philippine SEC. Which mentions that "Binance has been actively employing promotional campaigns on social media to attract Filipinos to engage in investment and trading using the Binance platform". They greatly emphasized that Binance has not obtained a license to solicit investments from the public or to operate a securities exchange.

📌The Ripple Effect

Buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency just got much harder for Filipinos.
This can be a hard hit for entrepreneurs and remote workers within the Phillippines since a large sum prefer cryptocurrency over PHP (Philippine Peso).

The Philippines are amongst the largest growing countries in terms of remote work. According to the WEF(World Economic Forum) the Philippines is ranked number 7 in terms of growth over the past few years, while in 2023 alone the growth was a whopping 60% on its own.

📌Bitwage: A Solution

Bitwage helps Filipinos receive their cross-border salaries while also mitigating the challenges posed by regulatory restrictions. Employees can choose to receive any currency of their liking, including Bitcoin, altcoins, and even PHP.
We offer flexible, secure, and transparent payments using cryptocurrencies.
Easily integrate existing staff management tools like Hubstaff with Bitwage and enjoy reliable payment solutions for businesses and individuals within the cryptocurrency space.

📌Embracing Digital Currency Solutions

For those navigating these changes, Bitwage stands as a steadfast ally, offering payment solutions that bridge the gap between traditional finance and the future of digital currency. Moving forward, we remain committed to empowering Filipinos and businesses worldwide to thrive amidst these regulatory challenges, ensuring that the promise of cryptocurrency continues to be accessible to all.

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