Time Hack - Recurring Invoicing is ideal for individuals receiving the same amounts at regular intervals.

Recurring Invoicing is here!

Team Bitwage
Team Bitwage

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Exciting news! We have introduced a fantastic new feature, designed to make your payment workflow even more efficient – Recurring Invoicing!

Why Use Recurring Invoicing?
Until now, you've manually generated invoices each time before you were to receive a payment. With recurring invoicing, this process becomes automated, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to manual inputs for routine payments that have the same amount – let our system do it for you!

Benefits of Recurring Invoicing:

  • Time Hack: Ideal for individuals receiving the same amounts at regular intervals.
  • Seamless Matching: Invoices are generated automatically, facilitating faster payment matching within our system.

For those with fixed payment amounts each week or month, this newly optimized feature will be extremely useful.

Steps to enable recurring invoicing
1) Log in to your Bitwage account 
2) Click Invoicing - Create invoice
3) Enable: Make this invoice recurring and fill out the details

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