New Extended Public Key Import for Convenient Payroll Privacy

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Bitwage Releases: Extended Public Key Import for Convenient Payroll Privacy

We previously released enhanced privacy options to Bitwage users by offering Address Lists. This design allowed users to upload up to 100 addresses for us to fulfill to. Some users were also asking for extended public key support to allow for infinite addresses and also more convenient address information transmission. Below is an answer to those needs.

How it works:

This feature allows users to upload their BIP 32 wallet’s extended public key. Bitwage derives 100 addresses of the path m/0/0 to m/0/100 where m is the uploaded extended public key. We save the xpubkey so if you use all 100 initial addresses then Bitwage will derive another 100 of the path m/0/n to m/0/n+100 where m is the uploaded extended public key and n is the number of used address indexes. This process of deriving new addresses can be repeat ad infinitum. Compatible with Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey extended public keys.

To try it out:

Login to Bitwage, go to Distributions, click on Bitcoin Network, then Address List/ XPubKey and then submit your extended public key using this form at the bottom:


After finishing the Distribution Change, click on Bitcoin Network again to verify the beginning 10 address indexes are correct and click on Download Full List as CSV to download the full 100 Addresses.

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