Get Your Salary in Dash With Bitwage and Uphold


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Bitwage's crypto-payroll solution is even more versatile with our Uphold integration, allowing you to receve part or all of your payroll in Dash. Dash is gaining momentum, with trading volume more than doubling over the past year and a publicity campaign promoting its use as "digital cash" and spreading cryptocurrency to the masses.

To get your wage in Dash, just sign up for both Bitwage and Uphold and add your Uphold account to Bitwage as a distribution.

Your first step is to add a Dash card to your Uphold account.


Once you've created the card you can integrate your account with Bitwage under Distributions - Add Distribution - Savings and Card.


Now you're ready to receive your wage in Dash, without even having to let your employer know you're being paid in crypto! For more details on how Bitwage's direct deposit product works, check this post.

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