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  • 30.10.2019

For over 5 years now, Bitwage has been dedicated to raising awareness and growing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Earlier this year, we began our goal to encompass a greater part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem outside of Bitcoin by launching Ether payrolls. Anyone around the world could receive any percentage of their wages in Ether from US, EU and UK companies.

Shortly after our launch and the following success, we took a survey to learn what else our customers wanted. It has become clear that our customers want more options! We want to make sure we meet our customers expectations and so we set forth to work on several new cryptocurrency integrations.

Bitwage to announce the launch of Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”) payrolls. This means that anyone working for a US, EU or UK employer can now receive a portion of their wage in Bitcoin Cash. Just like our Bitcoin and Ether payrolls and invoices, it’s very simple. As an employee or freelance just:

1. Sign up to Bitwage
2. Receive US, EU or UK fiat direct deposit account
3. Provide fiat account to US, EU or UK employer
4. Get paid and receive any % of crypto and fiat you want

Companies can also sign up to fund payrolls in BCH or to offer BCH to their employees and freelancers. Along with our launch, bitcoin.com has come on as an initial company customer.

“The entire Bitcoin.com team currently gets paid in Bitcoin Cash. With over 100 team members we wanted to find a way to automate and expedite the monthly payments and Bitwage was the ideal solution for us. It quickly streamlined our internal payroll process, enabling our team members to continue receiving their monthly payments in Bitcoin Cash whereby they can now choose from diverse and multiple payment options. Our team is now empowered to decide how and where they will receive their payments each month.”

Keep an eye out in the coming months for new exciting announcements regarding crypto integrations.

Jonathan Chester, Bitwage CEO : “As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, employees and freelancers are looking to diversify their portfolio of cryptocurrency. Bitwage is making it easier for workers around the world to accumulate their favorite cryptocurrency, through passive dollar-cost-averaging.”

Full article taken from Financial IT

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