18 New Source Currencies for Invoicing and Team Wages

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Since July of 2014, Bitwage has been processing payrolls for the digital currency ecosystem. This means we have had over 3 years of reliable payroll delivery services. Our goal is to provide workers around the world with an easy to use direct deposit for any client that pays them. As such, we hare happy to announce the launch of 18 new source currencies for invoicing and team wages:

  1. south african rand ZAR
  2. turkish lira TRY
  3. singapore dollar SGD
  4. swedish krona SEK
  5. united arab emirates dirham AED
  6. russian ruble RUB
  7. romanian leu RON
  8. polish zloty PLN
  9. croatian kuna HRK
  10. norwegian krone NOK
  11. chinese yuan renminbi CNY
  12. bulgarian lev BGN
  13. hungarian forint HUF
  14. hong kong dollar HKD
  15. danish krone DKK
  16. czech koruna CZK
  17. brazilian real BRL
  18. philippine peso PHP

With the new offerings, workers can invoice their employers, and employers can fund payrolls using international wires in any of these new 18 currencies. Combined with Bitwage's current offering of 8 source currencies, now Bitwage offers 26 total source currencies.

This means that workers around the world now have access to receive their wages faster and cheaper from clients in 18 new currencies.

Learn more about the invoicing use case here:

Learn more about the team wages use case here:

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