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Potential Network Disruption August 1 2017

Potential Bitcoin Network Disruption August 1 2017

EDIT Aug 1 3:53pm Pacific Time: Bitwage will resume Aug 2 any orders affected by the network disruption.


There is a potential network disruption of the bitcoin blockchain starting on July 31 17:00:00 GMT-0700 (PDT) and may last 48-72 hours.

See here for more information:

If a network disruption does occur, to ensure the safety of our workers' wages, during the potential network disruption time period of 48-72 hours starting Aug 1, Bitwage may temporarily suspend bitcoin outputs and for Team Wages customers, Bitwage may temporarily suspend bitcoin inputs.

Bitwage may also suspend bank outputs for the following national currencies depending on the volume demand:

  • Philippine Outputs (PHP Bank Deposit, Cash Card, Cash Pickup, Mobile Money)
  • Brazilian Outputs (BRL Bradesco, Caixa, Banco do Brasil Intra-Bank Transfer or TED Deposit)
  • Indian Outputs (INR Bank Deposit)
  • Mexican Outputs (MXN Bank Deposit)
  • Argentine Outputs (ARS Bank Deposit)
  • Vietnamese Outputs (VND Bank Deposit)
  • Nigerian Outputs (NGN Bank Deposit)
  • Ukraine Outputs (UAH Bank Card Deposit)

GBP, EUR, and USD outputs will still be supported in the event of a network disruption.

In addition, any non-premium users who receive a wage payment on July 31 will be fulfilled on July 31, where possible, instead of waiting until the next business day as would be expected.