Trump Builds A Wall To Stop Immigrants, Refugees And Remote Workers, Bitwage Is Building A Bridge.

Trump Builds A Wall To Stop Immigrants, Refugees And Remote Workers, Bitwage Is Building A Bridge.


President Trump on Wednesday signed executive orders to begin the immediate construction of a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. While the wall physically puts a barrier between these two north american countries to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country, it represents a whole lot more. Specifically an aversion towards diversity. Over the next four years, we will see policies that reverse our global connectedness, making lives harder for immigrants, refugees and the entire remote workforce. In essence, a metaphoric wall is being built to keep other cultures out of america.


This is why we are launching Bitwage ME, to build the bridge between the United States and workers in other cultures. To empower local communities around the world while improving diversity within the workforce. But why is it so important to have diversity in the workplace?

Diversity brings neighbors into dialogue, increases creativity, and brings new points of view into the workplace. By having people from different perspectives on life working together to achieve the same goal, you develop a marketplace of ideas, leading to stronger products, better decision making and a more productive and innovative workforce.

How does Bitwage ME help bring diversity within the workforce? By making it easier for workers and companies find the perfect fit for one another, regardless of location and citizenship.

Bitwage ME consists of the following features:


Remote Job Board: The job board collects over 200 remote jobs a day from jobs posted all over the internet combined with local, high quality, vetted jobs posted directly onto the board.

Worker Profile List: Create a profile that allows clients to search for you directly based on your skill set.

“Fit My Profile” Button: The “fit my profile” button uses machine learning algorithms to find the jobs that are most likely to hire you based off of your profile.

Bitwage Me Premium: Premium gives your profile priority on the worker list, removes fees for receiving money in local currency through and allows those payments to act as a verified resume and reputation system.


By purchasing a vetted job post, your company receives the following features:

Bitwage Payment Reputation: Companies can leverage insights drawn from payments done through by workers looking for jobs on Bitwage ME. This payment reputation systems enables companies to verify information about high quality workers in countries where it is nearly impossible to determine the accuracy of their work history.

Bitwage Checker: Companies gain access to the same bank-grade user identification services we use for our wage delivery solutions to vet potential candidates.

By empowering remote workers of all race, gender and ethnicity to be able to find work and prove their value based purely off of their merit, while giving companies the ability to accurately asses a remote worker, refugee or immigrant, bitwage ME provides the bridge for different cultures to connect. Regardless of whether an international worker stays in their country, is entering a new country in hopes of a better life, or fleeing war-torn countries, a workers payment reputation stays with them, acting as a globally verifiable resume.

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