Bitwage Launches Bitwage Jobs Beta, Improves Bitwage.Me & Changes Fees

Bitwage Launches Bitwage Jobs Beta, Improves Bitwage.Me & Changes Fees

Our mission with the launch of Bitwage ME is to make it easier for freelancers and contracting companies to get more jobs in the US and Europe. After releasing our payment reputation system, we have been listening to you, our users, on how to improve the service. The number one suggestion was a way to find and connect with employers far more easily.

This is why we are happy to announce the beta of Bitwage Jobs, our new Job Board aggregator. Right now, one of the major forums for people to find and search for jobs is reddit, yet there is no easy way to search for work on this platform. Instead, you have to figure out what are the right subreddits that people post jobs in and continually filter through all the posts until you find the perfect job post for yourself. The initial launch of the job board aggregates job posts all around reddit to make it easy for you to find work. With this launch, we also offer the ability to toggle “remote only” so that only remote jobs filter through the job board.

Bitwage JobsThe next iteration of the job board will include two upgrades:

  1. Added websites to aggregate from. For the next website, we plan to add twitter job posts to the aggregator. We would also love to hear from you which websites you think would be best to aggregate jobs from!

  2. Matching services: Users of Bitwage.Me who fill out their profile will have jobs filtered to their specific skill sets directly to their message portal. Instead of looking through lists of job boards, we will ensure the perfect match of services directly to your feed. As we continue to build relationships with larger organizations, we will also match organizations to you that you cannot find on job boards anywhere else.

We are also changing our fee structure as it pertains to incoming wires. For the past two years, we have been subsidizing the fees of incoming wires from our banks as a service to you as our customer. However, as we grow, it is becoming hard for us to subsidize this. Because of this, we will begin charging $10 per incoming wire that we receive starting November 28th when we plan to exit beta with our free job board aggregator. The good news is that if you sign up for Bitwage.Me, which is $9.99/month, we will waive the $10 incoming wire fee!

Please make sure to check our Terms & Conditions as there have been changes to reflect our new fee policy.

As we are in beta, we would love to hear from you what you think of the services, of the planned features and what additional features you think would be good to incorporate!

-Team Bitwage

Header via Pete Birkinshaw

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