Bitwage And Uphold Partner to offer Ether Payrolls: The Easiest Way To Receive Ether

Bitwage And Uphold Partner to offer Ether Payrolls: The Easiest Way To Receive Ether

Ether: the new, hot cryptocurrency that has taken the spotlight for enterprises, entrepreneurs and speculators all over the world. Based off of the Ethereum blockchain, this cryptocurrency has a $1 billion market cap, and a company has already raised over $150 million in the space.

Many believe that Ethereum has the potential to bring about decentralized autonomous organizations (meaning organizations run by machines instead of humans). People who believe in this vision are collecting and holding onto Ether to be part of this potentially meteoric rise.

However, there is currently no easy way to receive Ether. Major exchanges in the digital currency ecosystem are just now starting to allow for Ethereum trading. It requires a lot of work on how to work a trading system (limit orders, market orders, etc) to use these systems. Even worse, while various social media channels clearly indicate a demand for wages to be paid in Ether, there are currently no organizations that offer this.

That is why we are excited to announce that Bitwage, a leader in digital currency payroll, and Uphold, a leading cloud-based financial service platform, are coming together to offer the unique experience of allowing workers to enter into the world of decentralized autonomous organizations through their paycheck.

With users in over 90 countries, Bitwage already helps employees, freelancers and contractors receive their wages from organizations such as Google, Facebook and even the US Navy.

Now with the help of Uphold, everyone with US or Eurozone employer can receive any percentage of their wages in Ether as fast as next day!

No employer sign up is required.

No bank account is needed.

How do you start receiving Ether?

  1. Simply create a Bitwage Invoicing Account (previously called Bitwage Payroll For The Individual).

  2. Select your distribution method as cloud savings (make sure you have the Ether card added on Uphold).

  3. Invoice your employer with the Bitwage Deposit information all through our website.

Now you can sit back, relax, while your Ether builds up.

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