Get Rid of Your Bank with the Bitwage Android App

Doing Bitcoin should be easy; and we at Bitwage think living in this new digital world–in which earning a wage is an integral part—should be a fast, transparent, seamless, and secure experience.

If we were to tell someone from the mainstream, we have this awesome technology that allows you to send money instantly, anywhere in the world for free with just the click of a button, they might think of some kind of sci-fi technology straight out of classic sci-fi tv like Star Trek.

There has not been any significant innovation in the world of FinTech since the ATM was invented. In the spirit of pure innovation and seizing the opportunity to make people’s financial and economic lives easier we at Bitwage have made it our mission to make your payments and payroll easier, more frictionless, and transparent–and perhaps even fun. To this end, we are very happy to announce the release of the Bitwage Android App.


With this app, comes the release of some very cool new features. Not only does the Bitwage Android App allow you to check the status of your payrolls, Bitwage Cloud Savings or Bitwage Debit Card while on the go, you can now seamlessly transfer funds from your Bitwage Cloud Account into your Bitwage Debit Card in just a few clicks. Type in the amount you want to load and—voila—you have just turned what was once your paycheck into bitcoin, gold, or USD into your local currency.

Living in this ecosystem fueled by a bit wage, provided by Bitwage, one does not need to rely on banks and any individual can even go so far as to give up their bank accounts altogether to live outside the traditional financial system, while freeing themselves from the penalties, fees, and charges that slowly and surely eat away at our hard-earned savings.

The security that locks down the Bitwage User Accounts is paramount to us. One important aspect of this security to note is that you need Authy, Google Authenticator, or SMS for 2FA. Once you have logged in, you can set up your PIN. After your PIN is set up, that is all you will need to log in again. Easy right?

To get the Bitwage Android App, go to the Google App store, search “Bitwage”, and download.

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